The Vega Fund10year7year5year3year1year
Returns p.a.25.7%23.9%22.2%15.7%17.4%
Standard deviation25.1%17.7%12.0%12.6%7.5%
Alpha p.a.18.6%8.4%7.6%6.3%-0.5%
S&P500 TR Index10year7year5year3year1year
Returns p.a.7.1%15.5%14.6%9.4%17.9%
Standard deviation19.2%14.7%12.4%13.0%8.2%
Alpha p.a.15.7%8.4%7.6%6.3%-0.5%
Alpha p.a.15.7%8.4%7.6%6.3%-0.5%
Maximum drawdownYears 7-10Years 5-7Years 3-5Years 1-3Years 1
The Vega Fund-33.1%-22.5%-6.0%-12.7%-3.2%
S&P500 TR Index-55.3%-18.6%-7.3%-13.0%4.4%

The Vega Fund is an open-ended unit trust for sophisticated and wholesale investors with a minimum initial investment of $100,000.

The Fund aims to achieve long term capital and income growth through investment in exchange traded derivatives and other securities.

Unlike many funds in Australia, The Vega Fund has the ability to go ‘short’ the market, meaning that it can and intends to generate returns when the stock market falls during a recession.

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